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Regarding Windsor Yeast in Caribou Slobber

Hey guys, I will be brewing my 3rd batch later today…Caribou Slobber. This kit came with a vac sealed yeast pack Windsor British Style yeast.

Question: The instructions that came with the Caribou Slobber kit, says to simply pitch the yeast into the wort after cooling.


On the back of the yeast packet, there are instructions, saying to rehydrate the yeast first, and then pitch that into the wort.

Can anyone confirm using THIS yeast and which method I should utilize here? My first 2 batches I simply pitched into the wort.


You don’t need to rehydrate. Windsor is a beast and will ferment fast from pitching to complete within 40 hours without any special treatment.


great! Thanks for the heads up. This round I’ll be using a blow off hose rather than airlock after my last festivus batch went boom. lol.

Especially with that yeast, as @dmtaylo2 said, it ferments fast and hot, so try some type of temp control if you can, a tub with frozen water bottles etc, as you will get a better product. My first brew was this, and it spouted out the top, and tasted like bandaid/plastic initially but eventually became awesome as those hot alcohol off flavors aged out.

Oh yeah shes burping away in here right now at about 78…going to move it into a cooler spot for a few days…Ive got another fementing in the same closet which is not as hot bc is in secondary. Cheers!

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