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Refrigerator/freezer thermometer recommendations?

I’m looking to purchase a handful of inside-the-refrigerator/freezer thermometers. Does anyone have any recommendations on accurate-but-inexpensive units?

Long story: our refrigerator went out over the weekend, and my wife re-appropriated my fermentation chamber refrigerator and chest-freezer-turned-kegerator to store the food. Seeking my beer domain restored, I then picked up a $60 old-as-dirt top-freezer refrigerator model on craigslist to stand-in until we can have our main fridge serviced. Well, then, we moved my beer chamber thermometers to the craigslist fridge/freezer, to ensure it was actually getting cold enough for food safety. She liked the idea of a thermometer in both fridges–and/or I need mine back for my beer stuff!–so, now I’m on the hook for purchasing a handful of new ones.

SO… help a fellow homebrewer out. Any recommendations on an accurate (but inexpensive, if possible) thermometer for inside the refrigerator / freezer?

I find it very hard to read stick-on thermometers in the fridge because they tend to fog up really fast, so I keep a small glass of water covered with a piece of plastic wrap inside the fridge and then pull it out to read with my digital thermometer.

Well, probably the most accurate method, but that’s a bit more involved and isn’t going to fly with my wife. :smiley: She’s going to want/need some dial or bar thermometer that is either hanging or sitting in the fridge/freezer that she can just look at when she opens the door.

why even need one for a regular refrigerator?
If you absolutly need one a simple 10 dollar one you see everywhere would suffice, may not be that acurate but would work

I use these digital ones with a remote sensing unit for about $10 at Walmart or K-Mart.

I think any one would be fine. Put a glass of water in and verify the temp with a accurate thermometer, like the Thermapan that is on sale right now. Then you know if the thermometer is accurate or reading high/low.


It is always good to have a lot of thermometers to make sure your fridges and freezers are at the correct temperatures. Good little product at a great price.

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