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Refreshing old yeast

Every once in a while I’ll go through my inventory of yeast to refresh it with new starters. Found one I had overlooked. Ten milliliters of WY 3787 harvested from the blow off bucket on 6/21/15. I had refreshed it once before with a 0.5 liter starter on 1/12/16.

0.25 liter starter wort of 1.020 SG on 11/9/16 and 0.25 starter wort of 1.040 SG on 11/16/16. Very out of balance inoculation rate. I just wanted to keep the yeast in the same pint jar.

Might not even use the yeast again. Didn’t care for the Velvet Rooster brewed with it. Although I might brew it again as a challenge to get a Belgian I like.

I’ve had the yeast sitting at room temperature since 11/18 to see if something grows on top of the spent wort. Blow off bucket the yeast was collected from wasn’t sealed for a couple of days and contained tap water.

Is that some evidence then of krausening on the side of the jar? Sneezles61

The picture was taken in the AM soon after the krausen had dropped over night. Using the swirl as often as possible method.

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I am enjoying that type of yeast starting method, very simple, no fussing. So you are showing that yeast CAN be stored for a while. Now to see how it tastes after being used in a brew? Sneezles61

I’ll probably need a recipe other than a Tripel if I do use it.

something small and clean? A verification that the yeast didn’t go rogue? Sneezles61

How about 2 row and Biscuit malt to 1.040 and 20ibus. A Belgian blonde ale.


I’ve had yeast for almost 9 months, so this helps me think it can go longer. Sneezles61

I did that earlier this year…oz of azacca at flameout and fermented with wy3942…tasty little beverage.

I’ll have to get a recipe together. Partial mash most likely. Will be heading to a nearby town in a couple of weeks. A place there that has home brew stuff. Maybe not grain though.

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