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I am looking into purchasing a refractometer. I see them listed on homebrew sites for about twice as much as on sites such as amazon. Is there any difference between the two? Or am I safe to get one of the cheaper ones? Thanks a lot

I just got one from Amazon for $30 that seems to be pretty good. I got one from NB that I wasn’t happy with and was a waste of money.

I’ve checked it against good hydrometers and it seems to be accurate. It’s fairly new, so I still need to use it more to be real comfortable with it. I got the Ade Advanced Optics with ATC.

$25-$30 will get you a quality ATC refractometer on EBay - I’ve had mine for several years and haven’t seen any fading or calibration drift yet.

My only advice is to get one that has the gravity scale in addition to the Plato. Mine only does Plato and I still have to use my hydrometer to determine the gravity.

Can’t you just take the degrees Plato and multiply by 4 to for anything below about 20? I realize it’s not an exact conversion, but it I’m pretty sure it’s easily within the level of precision to which I’m able to read a refractometer.

I got this one at Amazon
for 30 bucks. It reads in SG and Brix. I wish I would have bought one years ago.

[quote=“tom sawyer”]Mine only does Plato and I still have to use my hydrometer to determine the gravity.[/quote]It’s a simple equation, you can set it up in Excel and then make a little conversion chart and laminate it. Simple ROT is 4x P = OG, holds true until you’re above 1.070 or so.


Got mine a few weeks ago from eBay and it’s very accurate.

My wife just bought her own for her saltwater tank, hers was $60 and is accurate to ±0.2. Others are only accurate to ± 1.0. She overpaid and if she had shopped around she could have gotten it for under $40.

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