Redneck Engineering

High all. I just found out ceiling fan motors spin at rpm,s similar to what is recomended to motorize a mill (around 300 RPM ) I can get these pretty cheap at my local restore and was wondering if anyone see,s anyproblems I dont with doing this. gonna try to motorize a barly crusher. Thanks Tank

I would doubt it has the torque you need for a mill, but I’m guessing.

Ceiling fans have NO torque to speak of. Why do you think you can stop the rotation with your hand even though it is on the high position? I would think a cheap drill would work.

A drill on the crank handle shaft has always worked for me. The only problem I see with a drill is you can not walk away from milling and do other stuff.

It takes a while to mill the 50 or so pounds that I usually use in a batch so I just grab a chair, drill, mill, some buckets and a homebrew and take my time either the same day or day before brewing.