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Redeeming my 05

I pitched my 05 around 75f, which was a little more than I wanted. By throwing it in my chamber set at 62-64 immediately, will it be redeemed to get the clean character I’m after?

It depends on how soon the temp drops.

I think it will turn out great. I wouldn’t worry about it at all, not one tiny bit.

pitching above the intended ferment temp can cause the yeast to throw off higher levels of diacetyl. If you simply raise the temp of the ferment back to 72 after 5-6 days, then 75 for another few days, the yeast will likely stay active and reabsorb it/metabolize it after terminal gravity is reached.

I agree with Dave though, it will likely be fine. If it were me, I’d raise the temp after a few days though.

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