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Red IPA AG Recipe Anyone?

Good Afternoon,

I am fairly new to AG and am looking for a 5-Gallon recipe for a Red IPA. I am looking for something that pours really red. I have spoken with a group of Homebrewers over the weekend and it seems like it may be difficult to accomplish. Any thoughts/experiences??

Thanks in advance…


This is one of my house recipes.

Devil’s Sin - Amber IPA

[attachment=0]Devil’s Sin Amber IPA.JPG[/attachment]

I recently tried to get a good red ale and have failed on my first attempt. It wound up being more copper than anything and. Since then I’ve read that a half pound of Special B mixed with a half pound of Crystal 120 will get you a very nice red color. I think that was in the post a picture of your pint topic that is on here somewhere if you want to search for it. So maybe just using that with your base grain will get you where you want but I’m interested to hear what others say

Thanks for the replies thus far…waiting patiently for any additional.

NB had a seasonal recipe last year called Rebel Red that I tried because the hop additions looked crazy. It’s .25 oz Columbus at 60 min then 7.75 oz at flameout. It’s one of my favorite beers and might be what you’re looking for…

If you want a really nice red beer, try Ken Lenard’s Home Run Red. I haven’t brewed it yet, but it’s on my short list.

Ken’s recipe will at least give you a great start on a grain bill, but for an IPA you’d have to increase the base malt and the hops too.

Ken’s page[/url] has all the info you need to brew his beers, but a [url=]forum search for Home Run Red

will get you some good discussion too.

Like I said, I’m planning to brew this soon, sticking to the original recipe, but I’m sure it could be adapted for a nice IPA too. Good luck!

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