Red ale

Exactly but as long as you keep your mash and runnings below 170° which hopefully you are you will not extract tannins. Just pull the steeping back before heat is above that temperature. By the way its the same with brewing coffee which is why you can steep cold press coffee overnight in the fridge

Steeping in the fridge for a day is what I’ll use…. Just going to brew a base grainbill, and the last 10 minutes is when I’ll add the steeped wort… just snuff out unwanted bugs… English Ale yeast is also my direction….
I ordered a new probe end for my Milwaukee pH55. When it shows up, I’ll brew.
Edit: replacement probe for my pH meter to show up Thursday! Once its in hand, I’ll prepare for brew day…

Add the steeped liquor at the beginning of the the boil with the wort. I don’t think its wort without fermentables. Adding it at the end is like adding spice after the soup is made. Yeah you can do it but better incorporate it into the whole product.

Still not sure what your experiment is trying to find out. If you were making a stout with a boat load of roasted barley then maybe some early and some late but if you’re using any RB in a red ale it should be minimal and if it only color I would think you would want it in the boil early

Oh I see your talking about crystal malt the article was talking about RB. Either way you’re talking about using it as food coloring? In that case not sure. I never design a beer based on color. If you just keep adding it until the color seems right you are going to be changing the FG. I guess you can calculate that but

To color yes, but in the cold steeped wort, there will be flavoring… how much? I don’t know that as of now. Crystal has a way of adding raisins to the flavor, which is not what I’d choose to have. Going to see if it still occurs… X-beerment … I will never know if I dont try… right?

New probe arrived for my pH meter… I have to run errands up north tomorrow, so that might be a good time get my X-tra dark crystal steeping? Or is it soaking? Saturday looks to be a good day to brew then…