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Red ale wl1004 slow start

I made a batch of red ale yeaterday and pitch my least vail at 72 degrees and then put in my ferment chamber that was set at 60. here it is 24 hours later and there still no signs of fermentation. Any suggestions of what the problem might be

There is probably no problem at all. Don’t even think it is an issue until at least 72 hours

That’s man , i was really getting worried over here. I brew a tight show and I never had a yeast take this long to start fermenting. Infact I’m brewing a brown ale right now cause I thought the other was gonna be a toss out. Additional info on this would be very very appreciated. Again thanks

The yeast i used was wl 1004 red ale. It was about 3 weeks old in the frig. I know i should have made a starter but didnt have DME. Would the age be causing it to have a slow start?

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