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Recoverable mistake? Brewed with b-brite


I was making plum wine and after mashing the fruit I added a few cups of sugar. I added about 3 cups of regular sugar and then noticed that I had about a cup and a half of “corn sugar” for priming that I no longer use. So I tossed it all in too. Got the sugars to a simmer and then put it in the must. Waited a day after campden tables and then pitched the yeast.

So far so good…

However, I just found my corrn sugar bag still full. Turns out I mistakenly tossed in ~ a cup and a half of b-brite instead of corn sugar.

The fermentation is going well. But is all a lost cause now? From what I can find, B-brite is an oxidation cleaner. Will it break down cleanly and not give an off flavor? I imagine that this wine will take a year or so to clear, so there is adequate time for whatever chemical reactions to come. Will the B-brite interact at all negatively with the campden tablets and create anything toxic? The Material Safety Data sheets I found for B-brite give me hope that all is not lost.

Any thoughts? I don’t want to keep racking this if it is all a lost cause.

:shock: I don’t know that anyone is going to tell you that everything is OK here. I don’t know that I’d listen to anyone who you that either. I can only tell you what I would do with a beer that I knew contained a cup and a half of cleaner in it…
Dump it and start a new batch.

I’d toss it.


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