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Recommended aquarium heater

So I see many posts about using aquarium heater to maintain water bath temps.
Just curious if there are any recommended models?

Being the 6.5 gal carboy will be in a bath with only a 4-5 inches of space surrounding it, a heater equipped for a 10-15 gallon aquarium should be sufficient if i’m looking to increase my temps a few degrees.

50 - 100 watts should be plenty. I would suggest going wirh a submersible heater also. Then there is no need to secure it to the side of the swamp cooler, having enough water to keep is submerged, or worries about it falling in. I will have to look at the ones at my house for the brand name, but I have 2 that have been under water in my fish tanks for over 10 years, not a spot of condensation inside them.

Thanks for the response! I was actually just looking at some 50 watt submersibles.
Just trying to get ambient up from around 61 to at least 65-67 and hold it.

A 50 watt will hold it there, although it would take quite some time for a 50 watt to heat the water from 60 to 65. I would suggest adding some warm water to the swamp cooler to hit your desired temp, and then using the heater to keep it there.

Using the heater to warm up large quantities of water will cause it to run at length, shortening the heaters usable life.

Exactly what I was thinking, use some warm/hot water to get the bath to 65 or a hair higher then add the heater to let it stabilize.

Thanks again!

I’m also thinking about adding an aquarium heater. I don’t have any fish so I don’t know anything about these things. I’ve seen several models where the description states a temp range with a low of 68 degrees, is that pretty standard or are there models that will allow you to set a lower temp?

I’ll need to look at my model when I get home, but it’s marked at 65 for the low temp. However, at the lowest setting (which is a bit past the 65 notch - I think to give room to calibrate) it maintains the temp at 61.

IIRC the ones I have go as low as 60F

Good to know guys, thanks. I’ll look around a bit and make sure I find one with a lower temp range.

Just remembered the brand I have.

Hagen Tronic

[attachment=0]Hagen Tronic.jpg[/attachment]

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