Recommend substitute for Canada Malting pale barley

I make a beer similar to Surly Abrasive and the NB clone for Surly Furious. Canada Malting Pale is specified in the NB Furious clone. I’ve moved away from the Twin Cities area and found limited grain selection at the LHBS.

The recipe I have similar to Abrasive needs 70/30 Can Malting pale/Simpsons Golden promise.

CM pale is described as having 2.8-3.4 L, and slight biscuit flavor.

These pale malts, similar L, are available locally:
Avangard German pale
Chateau Belgian pale
Rahr domestic pale
Crisp British pale

I could order from NB but prefer to support the local store. Any recommendations as to the closest alternate ?


The Rahr pale would be similar and probably cheapest of your options. Odd that they use a pale ale malt AND GP which is just about the same.