Recipe Starting Point Advice

I posted this in extract/partial boil,if it is a double-post, I apologize…

New brewer with questions:

I would love to brew a beer similar to one that is sold in Canada. It is called Okanagan Springs Pale


The actual recipe is not that important to me, although it would be great if anyone has tasted it and

could give me further guidance.

What I want to create is the finish the ale has. I can add this finishing taste to different pale ales

and adjust as needed, I would think.

I would describe it as a balanced flavor with a grainy,slightly sweet finish.

Moderate hop taste, and alcohol of around 5 % when finished. The big

standout in this beer for me is the clean, grainy,mildly sweet finish.

I don’t know if that gives enough information for anyone to give advice on or not. I realize this would

only be a starting point and further recipe modification would need to occur,but any advice on a

starting recipe would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you for any help you can give.

Obtained from HERE

O.K. Spring Pale Ale O.G. - 1.050

        8lb pale malt extract

        8 oz honey malt

        9 AAU Northern Brewer 60 minutes

        ale yeast 

        This is the malt extract version of Okanagan Spring's Pale Ale. 
        The Brewery uses 60% pale malt and 40% munich malt, both of which require 
        mashing. Honey malt lends the same "toasty" flavour and aroma 
        as the munich, but more intense, therefore less is required.