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Recipe’s from BYO?

Hello I see a lot of these all-grain recipe’s in BYO an I know there for 5gal batch’s. But is that 5gal left in the boil kettle after beening chilled or is that 5gal in total after chilled an transferred to the fermenter. Meaning should I have like. 5.25gal left in the kettle an after chilling an the after transferred have a total of 5gal in the fermenter.

That is something you will have to work out for your system. I’ll start withe the final gravity and work backwards. Following an all grain recipe is alot different than following an extract recipe.

Brew cat is right every system is different. Your boil off rate will be a big factor, and even the amount of hops in your recipe. But I think you’d be on the right track looking to get 5 gallons into the bottling bucket or keg. If you have a refractometer, you can boil for about an hour then cut the heat and take a quick reading. If you’re at your target gravity then you’re good to go. Higher gravity than you want, just have a little water handy and add. Too low gravity, then just turn the heat back up and boil a little more. Of course this method can screw with hop utilization, so if it’s a hop forward beer this method might not be great. But on the first batch of any recipe, I just use a calculator for total volume I need going into the BK based on my boiloff rate. Then in the end, if I get 5 gallons bottled, great. If not, I adjust sparge up or down next time to make it right. And if you’re getting decent efficiency you should get a good beer. I’d be more concerned with the quality of the final product rather than worrying too much about a quart or two of volume.



Every grain bill I work out, is, to the volume I want in a keg(s)… So as these “recipes” are designed from/on the web… no one has a rats… tail clue as to the finished volume… That is why I suggest that knowing the PPP, (point per pound) of the grain your using, the efficiency of your system… If you don’t , please do take some time to read… some times I read stuff 5-10 times to get my head wrapped around what its saying… Its that process you need to know, then and only then, will you be able to design to your system… I think all the peeps above somewhat reflect that… Sneezles61

On my system at home. Do start. With a 7.7 gall boil. And end up with 5.5 gal wort in my fermenter. Thats all grain. On extract i do 6 gall and see once i transfer to fermentor. How much wort i have. The rest top of with water. To get 5.5 gall wort. But it all depends on the brewing system. Boil off. Heat btu and its just a experiment in the beginning how much boil of during a hour boil

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