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So I am somewhat new to this so I don’t think I’m ready to make my own recipes from scratch. But I was wondering where everyone gets their recipes from. I’m mostly interested in partial mashes and would like to try brewing all types of beer. I’ve mainly been using hopville but my only complaint is that I’d like to have reviews so I might be able to get some opinions from other people.

Any suggestions? What does everyone here use?

Jamil’s “Brewing Classic Styles” is a good place to start.

you could try tastybrew.

I’ve found a gem in the above site. I just looked at some recipes for the stye I wanted. Looked at the color/ABV… Looked at the grain/hop list and brewed it.

I wouldn’t put much faith in the reviews. My taste buds may not agree with yours. You really can only go with your experience and reading about the flavors different hops may give.

Even that can backfire. What is the hop that some people love and others say give a cat urine taste?

There’s a lot of recipes at Beersmith

, you can download them right to Beersmith too. They’re user submitted so you use your own judgment like NH said.

I don’t like hopville. Just because they don’t have reviews or any kind of feedback or information about the brewer at all. Could be a fifteen year homebrewing vet or it could be someones first recipe. I think Northern Brewer is a great place to start since they provide their recipes online for all their kits. On top of that the Homebrewtalk forums recipe section is good. The nice thing about that is that there are comments, instructions, feedback all in the thread with the recipe. You can also sort by number of replies to the thread and the ones commented on most are obviously the most popular.

This one is particularly simple and amazing IMO: … all-42841/

Another vote for BCS

I can’t recommend that. Too many untested recipes.

The AHA recipe database is a great source of tested and award winning recipes…

Love this book. I have made many recipes out of this book, and they all have been top notch.