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Recipe critic

hi im making my first graff and some input on my recipe would be great
i got the wort recipe from beer smith and slightly tweaked it to up abv. the makeup of the wort ingredients is for a 5 gal batch, but i’m planning on only producing 2 gallons of liquid out of the wort and adding 3 gallons of cider to top it off to equal 5 gallons. im trying to land my abv around 6.5 to 7.2

wort 2 gallon

steeping grains
1 lb oats
8 oz roasted barley
1 lb crystal malt

dark lme
amber dme
candi syrup d-45
cluster hops at 45 min
willamette 45 min
willamette 6 min
2 cinnamon stick 5 min

top off fermenter with 3 gallon cider from concentrate
pitching yeast
white labs california ale yeast(WLP060)

possibly adding more cinnamon during secondary depending on flavor

sorry i meant to say critique and not critic so any opinions on my recipe would be much appreciated

You can steep oats but you’ll be adding complex starches that could make your finished product cloudy. Good news is that if you can steep you can mini-mash so just sub out a little of the extract for base grain and you’ll be fine.

cool thanks ill try that mini mash

Hey bb,
I just started my 2nd batch of graf, and have done ALOT of research on the HBT forum, so have a little bit of graf knowledge. The guru of graf is Brandon O. on the HBT forum.
You’re asking for problems by taking a beer recipe, cutting the volume and adding cider. You probably won’t like the results. The beer, and especially all those hops will overwhelm whatever flavor you hope to get out of the cider. Brandon O’s original graf uses only about 10 IBUs. I’ve upped that a little but beware of too much hoppiness. It really doesn’t go well with cider.
If you want an ABV of around 7% that will mean a OG of around 1.070, which for 5G means 350 gravity points. Cider usually comes in at around 1.045, so 3G of that will give you 135 points, leaving you 215 points to get from your wort. To do that,I would take 1 lb. of 2row malt(to help convert the oats),1 lb. of Crystal60, 1/2 lb. of crystal120, 1/2 lb Honey malt, and 1/2 lb of flaked oats(for ‘mouthfeel’ and head retention, right?). That gives you 3.5 lb of grains. Drop the roast barley- you’ll get enough color from the crystal malts. I use a lot of crystal and honey malt to try and get some residual unfermentable sugars. Essentially do a minimash with the grains- steep at 150-155 for 60 minutes. The grains will give you another 121 gravity points, leaving 94 points left. That’s about 2.25 lb of DME or 2.75 lb of LME. Boil the wort with hops as you would a regular wort , cool then add the cider.
Lots of different yeasts have been used. I personally like ale yeasts that will hopefully leave some unfermented sugars. Your WLP 060 should be a good choice. Good luck! :cheers:

OH darn, I just noticed the date of the original post. Sorry folks… :oops:

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