Recent NB Shipping lag time?

Last time I placed with NB there was a good bit of delay prior to shipping my parcel. Just curious if folks have experienced this with orders placed in the last month or so.

Mt most recent order was beginning of Oct.

I was blown away how expeditiously my order was handled.

[quote=“Tullybrook”]Mt most recent order was beginning of Oct.

I was blown away how expeditiously my order was handled.[/quote]
I would have to agree with this. Ever since they went to not flat rate shipping they are getting my orders out much much quicker. I ordered three all grain kits last sunday night they shipped monday night and arrived on wednesday. It has been that way on the last 4 orders I have placed with them. When they had the flat rate shipping I would order on the weekend they would usually ship on Wednesday and I would receive them on Friday. Either way works for me most of the time because I tend to brew on weekends but I’m still enjoying the faster shipping (I dont worry as much about them making it on time because I only brew on the weekends)

I think the current delay is due to their recent better bottle sale.
They got so many orders that they ran out in something like couple hours and had to backorder. So I got my parcel pretty fast, but had to wait another 1.5 weeks for the better bottles. So they’re probably still swamping through all those orders.

I got a IIPA order, shipped and on my door in a few days.

just to chime in
every order has been received the next day
perhaps because I am local

About 2-3 weeks ago I ordered $100 of stuff, 3 extract kits and few other things. I think I ordered Sun. night and got the package Wed. if I recall correct. About normal for where I am located and shipping lanes.

Shipping time seems to be 3 days to me rather the next state or all the way from CA. or NY. for some reason. I’ll not complain though since instead of speeding up the closer items I’m sure they would just slow down the far away items LOL

Placed an order to TX yesterday and it’s already shipped. I’ll get it Monday. Seems like shipping times have decreased since the flat rate change.

3 AG kits and some hops, only $3 more than the flat rate.

Great! Looks like things are back on track. Thanks for the feedback folks! Looking forward to brewing
a gratzer for the first time.

NB had my weekend order out Monday and delivered by the end of the week. Meets the old shipping time with FXG delivery on Saturday, shipping was reasonable for 80 lbs. of grains. East coast… :cheers: to UPS NB

I was actually getting most of my orders the following day even with the flat rate shipping.

Are people getting NB faster because there are less orders being placed with NB due to the change in shipping cost? I know that I have placed orders with other companies because of the increased shipping cost.

Ordered two extract kits Monday, they just shipped this evening (Wednesday) and are scheduled to arrive Monday. Not in a great hurry to get them but it seems to take a while for NB to process and ship my orders. Can’t do much about the actual shipping time but whatever.

I think the lag time is back. Ordered Sunday night and still hasn’t shipped on Wednesday, which means I don’t get it until the following Monday. I don’t think I ordered anything too exotic. I can’t control UPS but I was hoping a 2 day lead time was enough to get it processed. I need to find somewhere closer.