Really stupid question about hoses and kettles

I am excited to do a full boil tomorrow since I now have a propane burner and a 10 gallon kettle with a ball valve. I purchased a hose for it and tested it out and it is working great. I have noticed that it is really hard to get the hose off, so is there a trick to getting if off of the barb? Do you just leave the hose on the barb when you boil the wort or do you put it on after the wort is cool?


Once the kettle heats up it is much easier to get the hose on. Good luck with your first full boil.

Be careful with how hot the ball valve/barb might get. If they are to close to the flame you might melt your tubing.

And remember it needs to be sanitized before draining the wort. Unless you are draining hot wort into a CFC/plate chiller.

I only connect the hose once I have the wort chiller in and flame off. Excellent point about sanitizing the tube before connecting.

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