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Ready to start my BIBA HOIST

So, today I received my new in the box Warn 1500 lb winch… I’m a gadget guy… And love building… Oh did I mention the winch was a free donation… So I’m looking to get started on a burner/ hoist rig for full 10 gal brews nothing extreme… But will be on wheels and be able to pull a full sack of grain to clear the pot… Any ideas? By the way… Been an extract Brewer till this moment. Ha! Guess I still am!! Haven’t BIAB YET!! Anybody got a rig like this??

I have this little two burner BIAB rig I built out of angle steel. Two bayou classic burners, a pump and plate chiller, and two 16 gal kettles. One the MT/BK and the other HLT. It’s on locking swivel castors so I wheel it in and out of the house to brew in my basement stairwell. I have a ratchet pully mounted on a floor joist of a box window above for pulling the bag. It’s very much a no frills setup but works well for my process. You could probably put a support for your winch above a stand like this. If you weld you could put something together that might be more sturdy but I stood on this thing and it’s pretty rigid.

I like that brother!! Is that five or ten gal setup? I do weld, quite proficiently , and plan on taking the time to build a complete all in one brew station… Not going elect. For monetary reasons, but would like to include pump, burners, hoist… Etc. all in a roll out self contained system…

Yea that was my goal to. Pretty much everything on the cart when I roll it out. Saves trips back and forth to get things going.

I do 5 or 10 gal batches on it. Mosty do 10s now. I BIAB mash with more traditional water to grain ratios and sparge afterward so the kettle size is good for all but really high OG beers. Even then I can usually get away with a pretty thick mash.

Dannyboy, I’m looking at your pots, did you make your own??

The kettles are bayou classic 1064s. They come with one weldless ball valve. I did bore the MT/BK and add the sight glass. In retrospect I wish I hadn’t. It’s not that helpful and just one more thing to clean.

I have a double hand pully system which is fine for now but I’m keeping my eyes open for an electric winch that I think would be a good addition to my bag pulling system. Probably keep the double pully so I wouldn’t need that big of a winch.

I wonder ifn the electric boat winch would be cheaper than a ATV winch? Just thinking out on print… Sneezles61

Yes my atv winch is a beast. Going to look in harbor freight next time I’m there.

I’m wondering why no one is considering a light boat trailer winch. A light winch can handle hundreds of pounds and they have a ratchet lock to hold the grain bag suspended. They only cost $20 to $30. No power cord to trip over.

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Honestly the hand crank would be the easiest and cheapest option but I’m a gadget guy… And I acquired this winch from a friend who’s closing an Atv shop, found this one buried in the back!!!also gave me a hand crank…

A very good reason to go electric.

Flars, Eventually I’m sure I will… Just , being new to all of this I have lots to learn, and truly want to experience it all… Not even sure I know yet what all "going electric " entails… Seen a few online… But am assuming it get quite pricey building it!!! All in due time!!!

Good deal on the Chugger pump here:

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Oh now great Danny, I feel I hadn’t done enough research before I bought my pump well over a year ago… :grinning:Sneezles61

I can’t remember what I paid for mine. I think it was around 100, but mine doesn’t have the stainless head.

I did git the SS head, but our host had some quick disconnects also in the deal for $129. So I did git close… I wouldn’t want to be without it now… Sneezles61

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