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Re-using denny's yeast

Had some yeast left over after a batch so i swirled up the yeast cake and filled up a sanitized mason jar full of denny’s favorite…put it in the fridge for safe keeping. Never re used a yeast before but i figured it couldn’t hurt…Do i need to do any additional steps like pour boiled/cooled water inside the jar and “wash” the yeast, or can i just empty the yeast from the jar into my next batch?

If it’s going to be more than a week or two before you use it, I would let it settle completely, then decant the beer and top off with cold, sterile water. Otherwise, just decant the beer, add a cup of fresh wort to help loosen the cake, and then aerate and pitch.

It’s already in the mason jar, i just poured right from the carboy. there is about an inch of transparent beer on top of it from the last batch…

This is the process I use. I have kept the yeast in the fridge for up to 45 days with no problems. I just make a yeast starter and everything is copecetic… ... _rev_5.pdf

Beware of storing yeast in mason jars. Don’t screw the lid on tightly. You need to be sure the pressure can release itself. Even in the fridge it will keep slowly fermenting.

i do it this way and use tinfoil on the top.

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