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Re-Priming Bottled Beer

Hi Guys,

This is probably a dumb question, but I’ve never considered myself to be too bright anyway. Something is not right with my batch after bottling. I was very careful trying to make sure I sanitized everything while brewing and bottling. I tasted the beer after fermentation, and it seemed fine. From what I could tell, my Start Gravity was 1.050. End Gravity was 1.020, 5.4 Brix (Brewed a Stout). Waited a month and checked bottles. I’m thinking the corn sugar I used to prime with wasn’t the freshest. The sugar seemed to be sitting on the bottom, and no carbonation. Here it comes…Wait for it…Hold… Can I open the bottles and re-prime ? There I said it. Don’t be too harsh on me. :flushed: Thanks.

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Your sugar age/freshness as nothing to do with bottling/conditioning. Your yeast health and temps do. You didn’t mention how long it’s been since you’ve bottled or at what temps your bottles are at. Give your bottles more time at at least 70° temps. Might also be a good idea to invert your bottles to re-suspend your yeast and sugar.

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I agree with @loopie_beer to invert the bottles for a second and place them somewhere warm. Basement temps in some places this time of year can be a little cool for carbonating.

How much corn sugar did you use? Our host has a nice calculator for priming sugars Homebrew Priming Sugar Calculator Many of us here just use table sugar BTW. It’s cheap, works fine and you won’t taste the small quantity. Another option is Domino Dots (sugar cubes) one in a 12oz bottle works for most beer styles.

There are no dumb questions here. We all started out as beginners and learned by asking questions. The people here are always willing to help.

I bottled my beer on Jan. 13th. I have it stored in my pantry, the same place it was when it was in the fermenter. With the door closed, it stays around 68 in there. Never had this trouble before. What would I use to hold inverted Grolsch bottles ? I used a teaspoon of sugar for each bottle.

You could gently invert them in yer hand… getting the sugar back into the solution… Lay them on their sides too… Every couple of days… repeat… In about 2 weeks, put one in the fridge and see where its at… Did I say how much I like kegging?

We don’t mean that you should permanently invert them. Just saying to invert and then return them. Maybe a few gentle times.

I think you would do better adding a bit of dry yeast to each bottle as I agree with what loopie stated.

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