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Re-hash an IPA

I haven’t brewed an IPA for quite a while now… So this W/E I’ll do a 10-er… Heres my thought…
10 lbs Marris Otter
10 lbs Pilsner
1.5 lbs table sugar (derived from beets)
12 oz C-120
I’ll adjust my strike water to pH 5.8 using Citric acid
Once the grains are pulled, 2 table spoons of gypsum…
Chinook to the boil, 1.25 oz
F.O. …
2 oz Amarillo
1 oz Chinook
When the fermentation is about terminal… 4 oz Amarillo and 1 oz chinook…
They will sit, dry hopped for 4 days, cold crash and rack to keg…
My yeast will be 5 will get Kviek, and the other will get WLP001…
Please weigh in… Yeast will need to start Thursday… 6.2% ABV+/-

not enough hops for 20 lbs of grain imo

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My two cents: Looks like BU:GU is way off for an IPA with only about 30 IBU. I’d put some more hops late in the boil to bump your IBU up into the 55-65 range. I think it’d be a more well balanced brew. Let me know when we’ll be sampling… :wink:

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Gee whiz, my mistake, the dry hopping will be to each fermenter… Sneezles61

Didn’t do the calculation but if your correct I agree 30 ibu is way to low. Personally I’d get it to around 70 IBU

Maybe a small dose at the 10-5 minute mark to bump up those IBU’s a tad. I think it sounds solid, though. I always wanted to split a batch with different yeasts but haven’t gotten around to it. Have you done the Amarillo/Chinook combo before? I’m not a big Chinook fan but I love Amarillo, just wondering how they play together

I haven’t done this combo, but what I read, its good… peeps say to keep the chinook restrained, let the Amarillo rule… They play together nicely… I’ll keep the updates… up to date! :grin: Sneezles61

Are you thinking about mashing low and thin for dryness? I just did an IPA this past weekend at 148 and 1.5 qt/lb.

I do BIAB, and many times I’ll do 45 minutes at 142, ramp up to 158 and hold for 45 minutes, then ramp up to 170, hoist my basket and recirc through the grain basket…
This one I’ll hold 158*… its more about a full body, but a bit on the dry side from the sugar. Sneezles61

Yes. The Pilsner and the MO should do well for body.

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Even with the dry hopping this is still not enough hops to be an IPA.
What size is your pot?

20 gallons… Sneezles61

The IPA I brewed for my kweik experiments used chinook for bittering. I used 1.5oz at 60 mins and got 28 IBU from it. I also had 3 oz of first wort hops and 3 oz at 55 mins along with 3 oz DH.

Sounds like a good pale ale…It’s your beer and I’m sure it will be tastey but I agree with the peanut gallery. As evidenced above, I’d add more hops…

Looking through my notes I’ve found that my typical IPA’s averaged 6 total ounces of hops per 5 gallon batch and my NEIPA’s are averaging 13 ounces per 5 gallons. I’d call this a pale ale as well but that’s ok, a good pale is hard to find! I agree with letting the Amarillo shine but am curious as to what the Chinook will bring along. I have a few ounces of that with no plans of use so keep us updated for sure.

Me would add some more hops. Around the. 5 min mark. And flame out

I’ve still a big bag of Cascade I haven’t opened… Perhaps I could up the hop flavor… I really don’t like a bitter IPA… On the initial sip I like it balanced, then the hop flavor… Of course, my fav is the big nose/aroma… I’ll get my yeasts started tomorrow… can’t brew til Sunday anyways…Sneezles61

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I’m not a huge fan of highly bittered IPAs either. That’s why my bittering addition is usually around 28-30 IBU. Then I get the rest from fwh, late additions and DH. Generally finishing up in the 65-80 IBU range overall. People who don’t like bitter IPAs tend to like mine because they’re more focused on aroma and flavor. I get a tab bit more perceived bitterness when I FWH heavily and then bitter to 30 IBU but still not mouth puckering for me. All depends upon the hops variety too.

I had a new belgium voodoo ranger on tap the other night and I couldn’t identify the hops but there’s something ‘cat pea’ like in the aroma and acrid in the hop flavor of that beer. I can drink it but it’s not a favorite.

I’m not a fan at all… The “voodoo” series seems to be focused on the new tropical hops… The old ranger was a decent offering… Even the Red hook long hammer when purchased about October is decent… Much later and the hops seem to fade…
How do you FWH when doing BIAB? Pull the grains then add? Maybe I answered my own dumb question… :unamused: Sneezles61

I googled ‘cat pea’ and couldn’t find anything so I assume you mean ‘cat pee’. :wink:

I’ve heard of people picking up on that flavor from both Simcoe and Mosaic. Some even say Amarillo (I’ve never picked it up in Amarillo). This beer has all three in it.

I only get it from citra and Nelson.

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