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Re-carbonating a batch

Hi. I made a batch of Irish Blonde, and the flavor came out very nice and smooth. However, it didn’t carb up near as well as I would have hoped. Now, it’s been 2 weeks, so I may just need to wait longer, but there’s hardly any carbonation right now. I’ve got the batch in flip-top bottles, so would it be ok to open them and and a Cooper’s Carbonation Drop in each bottle? Or should I just wait longer? Thanks.

I would try flipping the over a few times and make sure that they are in a warm area.

Agree. Give them a shake each day and keep them warm.

+2 to above. If you primed before bottling, you don’t want to reprime. You can add more yeast using that process, but I would wait it out longer.

this right there.

Thanks all. I’ll post back in a couple weeks as to how things turned out.

Hi all,

I tipped the bottles as suggested for a week, and now I’m getting much better carbonation. I think it still needs another week or so of conditioning, but it’s definitely 100% better. Thanks for the advice!


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