Rauchbier help

I have had a few commercial examples and a few micro/homebrew examples and want to get my feet wet in the style. Here is my improvised go on it (I borrowed this recipe and tweaked it a little to fit the rye malt in).

This is for a 5.5 gallon batch

10# German Smoked Malt
12 oz German Rye Malt
5 oz Melanoidin
4 oz Black Patent

1.5 oz pellet Tettnanger (60 mins)
0.5 oz pellet Tettnanger (flameout)

Wyeast Munich Lager

Ferment at 50* for 2/3rd of my fermentation and perform a DA rest than lager at 36* for four weeks.


Havnt brewed one yet so I can’t help you there but I’m thinking of trying something like Jacks Abbey Smoke and Dagger this winter

That’s going to be very smoky, while not necessarily bad you may want to go with less for your first batch. Not as smoky as you want is better than way too smoky.

I agree. Gonna taste like dark bacon beer. You might want to replace 2-5 pounds of the rauchmalz with an equal amount of pils malt.

Also, probably not enough rye in the recipe to taste, I’d put at least 10-15% in there, replacing some of the base malt so you don’t increase your OG.

Thanks all for the input. I did scale back the smoked malt quite a bit and went with chocolate rye.

I am just bummed I have to wait for what seems like an eternity to consume. I brewed this last Saturday and pitched a healthy starter of White Labs Oktoberfest (side note that stuff takes agest to get going) and I am fermenting away at 55*f. My hopes are to get 2/3’s of the way there in another week or so and do my DA rest. From there it is the long and slow journey of lagering.