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Rate Beer

I just read via Beer Advocate that Ratebeer was bought by AbInbev!(?)!

Full disclosure, " a minority stake".

A brewer just trashed all their stuff on Rate Beer. Updated all their beer descriptions to Rick Astley lyrics.

This A message from Sam on current RateBeer changes | Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales | Off Centered Stuff For Off Centered People offers a well thought opinion on concerns regarding the purchase. And it comes with something near and dear to my heart - a call to action.

And, while I’m not a gamificaiton fan, it’s time for me to take this topic to “the next level” (which is easy since it’s summer):

  1. double check the email notification settings
  2. wish everyone here a happy summer with enough free time to brew the beer that you want to enjoy.
  3. Powering down my “internet” in 5, 4, 3, …

Who cares. Those beer rating sites are suspect anyway.


I had to stop and do a double take, let out a huge sigh of disgust - combined with the most dramatic eye roll ever - the first time I saw a Beer Advocate score next to a beer in the liquor store…

Yes did get a priv message from a brewer in holland. He did tell me as well dogfish brewing. Took there beers away from rate beer

Craziest thing… I don’t need someone or a conglomeration tell me what I like and don’t like… I can’t help but think, if you drink brews because its on the hipster list, or won’t because it aint… You already are a loser… Capital L :unamused: Sneezles61


Dayum big guy :nerd_face:

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_pausing the count-down at 3 _

Dogfish Head cares. I care. And these “guys” …

… appear to be, among other things, “data hungry”.

Powering down my “internet” in 5, 4, 3, 2, …

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Let me rephrase that. I don’t care


Here’s my answer to all of this nonsense.

Buy extremely local. And know who you’re buying from.

Two pretty good IPAs by the way!:grinning:


Time to step away from the “the box”… RDWHAHB… or many if needed! Sneezles61

And then this comes along … :slight_smile:

It is - have a great summer everyone.

You think he actually did it

KNOCK, KNOCK… Hello ? Small batch? He left the light on… I’ll bet he sneaks a peak… He can’t just bail out for the summer… I hope… Sneezles61

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Now if he can only stop reading bogus beer reviews he can enjoy his summer vacation while the rest of us waste our time making dumb comments

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Aw shucks… we just like to hear our selves digress… Sneezles61

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