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Rare Grolsch Bottle?

I was looking online to see if I could find a deal on some old amber grolsch bottles. I much prefer to use them over the standard 12oz bottles. While I was looking I came across this. Never seen one before. Looks really cool so had to buy it but no idea what it’s worth. Has anyone seen one of these before?

No, never seen one before… Looks like some type of special release. Cool.

If the Dutch brewers used that type of bottle all the time, I wouldn’t have grown up thinking all of their beer was terrible, in reality light skunked. Heineken, Grolsch, and Beck’s(German) all tasted identical to me…bad.

It’s amazing at how Americans think those beers are supposed to taste that way.

OP, cool find. I too have no idea. As @voodoo_donut said, likely a special release.

All I’ve been able to figure out is only 535 were made by this company. Don’t know when or if there was ever even beer in it.

I would probably save it and not use it to bottle for fear I might break it. The gaskets are easy to get, my LHBS has them. I have never seen blue though. As for Grolsch, I like the bottles but not so much the beer.

I had a co-worker that loved the stuff and saved me so many bottles I finally asked him to stop. He wouldn’t even take the 5 cent deposit NY charges from me.

Certainly won’t be using this one for bottling. Probably just going to sit it on a shelf. I’ve never actually tried Grolsch beer, and really don’t have a desire to.

I think they have it cans now

Uh, I some what appreciated that skunky aroma from Elephant beer… Sneezles61

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