Rahr American 2-Row vs Weyermann's Pale Ale Malt

So in the past I have gotten sacks of Rahr American 2-row as my base malt for most of my non english style beers. But a locally brewery in town Holy City Brewing, which has been great to me and sells me sacks of grains, uses Wayermann’s Pale Ale Malt.

I see that the lovibond on this malt is higher that the rahr 2-row I have used in the past. According to their websites:

Rahr 2-row : 1.7L
Weyermann Pale Ale Malt: 2.6 - 3.4L

So other than the color being darker, should I see a huge flavor difference. You would think I would have to. It is almost at the lovibond on my sack of crisp maris otter (3.5-4.5).

So who has used it? What are your thoughts on weyermann’s malts as a whole? Will I be getting rich maris otter like flavors from this malt?

Can’t speak about the Weyermann’s specifically since I don’t get that malt, but with the Great Western versions of 2-row and Pale Ale, the Pale Ale is not as crisp and adds a bit of residual sweetness - subtle, but definitely changes the beer in a way that I didn’t like, especially with house recipes where I was looking for something specific. Nothing like MO either.

Thanks. I was really just wanting standard american two row. But I can’t complain, they let me purchase for their personal supply.

he had to count the bags to make sure he had enough to brew the three beers he was planning on brewing today.

They also have a sack of munich I coming for me that they added to the order last night. Never thought I would need a 55# sack of munich. But I find my self using more and more of it. Almost in every pale ale, IPA, and amber recipe I make. Plus going to do an all munich base malt german alt this weekend and denny saying he has good look with his all munich alt.

Just saw this post today. Planning on doing a clone of Sierra Nevada’s pale ale. I found a recipe that calls for 2 row, but will be visiting Holy City today to purchase what Chris has — Wayermann’s Pale Ale Malt. Think I need somewhere around 12 lbs. What did your final product taste like?