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Racking Cane Question

I’m looking for a really good racking cane. I’m tired of el cheap plastic.

Anyone have thoughts on some really good ones?


I love my autosiphon. While it’s cheap I cannot see me replacing it with anything else. Mine is 4 years old and has never failed.

Yep, same here. I’ve had mine since 2013(probably just jinxed myself).
Although I’ve started to move beer with co2, some processes at the homebrew level still benefit from an auto siphon.

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I have a kid leaving the house (fingers crossed) in 6 years. I’ll explore CO2 when that happens haha.

Works perfect for me. Love it. Even i do have transfer pumps. I use my racking cane to transfer my beer into the carboys. Only. I use my connical i use the pump

I bought a stainless steel for about $10 I think from our host or Midwest. I use fill with water and stick sanitized thumb over the end method so I wanted sturdy not fancy.

My plastic autosiphon is 4-5 years old. Only replaced the first one due to suspected infection. I have considered the stainless cane for that reason but I like the autosiphon.

If you feel like dropping $80 :dizzy_face:

Thanks everyone for your imput.
I think I’ll go this route:


HOLY MOLY!!:scream: Sneezles61

Yeah I know.

But the last several times I used my plastic kit racking canes. I have 2. I get nothing but air and foam coming through the hose. Very frustrating indeed.

I need to make this a fun sport with less frustration.


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If you are getting just air and foam, the issue is something isn’t sealing properly. I’ve been using Autosyphons for many years (ever since I learned they exist), and for small volumes they are by far the best solution I’ve tried. But you do need to take care of them. If your hose is the wrong size, or is not on securely, you will get foam and air going through.
Also, if you store the autosyphon such that the inner cane is resting on the rubber ring at the bottom, it can take a “set” and no longer be round. That will also result in air and foam, though the ring will recover and go back to being round enough if given time to rest without being pressed.

Lastly, when you use your autosyphon, do you press the cane down while the racking is going? If it is extended, that can also result in a leaking seal.


Very good points RBC! Sneezles61

$80 for a siphon?!

Suddenly $50 for the wort transfer pump seems like a bargain.

This. All auto-siphons are meant to be working on the down stroke. Not the up stroke.

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