Racked to secondary

Just finished up cleaning after racking my beer to a 5 gallon carboy. Everything went ok. Can’t wait to taste the finished product. Used Wyeast 1056 and I don’t think i’ve seen such a high krausen ring on any past batches.

What was/is it Matt?
Agreed, sure is a thick K-ring. Looks like at least 2 inches.
1 (minor) thought. Your last pic looks like you have a lot of headspace in that carboy. If you plan on keeping it in there for awhile, you might try to do something to limit the space(to decrease the chance of oxygenation).

It’s an American stout. I don’t plan on leaving it too long but yes it is just above the 4.5 gallon mark a little less than I was hoping. It should off gas a little bit from racking it. Normally I can tilt the bucket and siphon most of the beer off the yeast cake but it was rather loose this batch. Fingers crossed the hydrometer sample tasted pretty good.

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