Raccoon fence

Added a second electric fence around the garden. This one is 6 inches off the ground. Should protect our sweet corn from the raccoons. The high fence protects the garden from the deer and bears.

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You da gardening MAN!
Last year the bambies ate all my beans, but left the corn and pumpkins. This year I never got around to planting. Next year I’m going to erect a fence like yours.

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I gave up on Veggies. To much work to keep the wildlife at bay. I do fruit and berries now

In the garden this morning harvesting cucumbers. Thought I would snap a picture of the jumper wire at the gate. The jumper can be detached from one side to avoid having to step over it and allow wheel barrow access.

Fairly good crop of Concord grapes also. More jelly. Not enough for wine.

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Flars, that’s a pretty looking garden there. Where are the hops? :innocent: That’s on my project list for next year. We really slacked on the garden this year, we were gone too much over the summer so Jen just did a few garlic plants. We’ve done cucumbers and peppers and tomatoes previous years as well as various other vegies. I’d love to have that kind of space to do more. :innocent:


I’m in gardening shame this year. I didn’t get around to harvesting my hops, and they’re all crusty brown now. We planted a zucchini plant that took over and crowded out everything in one bed. The other got overgrown with weeds. There may be an onion or two under the thicket that I can harvest, but who knows… Next year (what I say every failed fall harvest season).

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Other stuff can always take up the available time. I’ll miss the Fall Color Tour in Tomahawk this year. Usually just ride over for Saturday and get back before the sun goes down. This time of year the deer have declared open season on motorcyclists out after dark.

Canning pickles tomorrow put off brew day until Saturday.

We built a new garage last Fall so I could have a dedicated wood shop. Since there was this pile of dirt I planted squash, brussel sprouts, and salad tomatoes on it. Soil probably too acid for the tomatoes.

I’ve thought about hops but hop pellets fit through a carboy mouth a lot easier. Maybe a new grape trellis about 12 feet tall.

(Don’t know why the camera dimples the siding on the garage)

that’s a great garden Flars. I’m planning a raised maze garden and a greenhouse out of all the antique windows ive saved. but for now fruits and berries

Rather warm out to be wandering about the garden, eh? We’ve gone from 87 down to 70 now… I hope it cools a bit more for a good nights rest… Sneezles61

Nice looking garden. My wife grows. Tomato. Peppers and. Herbs. Got to watch. When the herbs are almost done. The iguanas do come in mass.

A single wire wouldn’t work for iguanas. You would need a welded mesh style fence very low to the ground.