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QuickCarb Problem

I got the Blichmann QuickCarb from NB a few weeks ago. Well, I’m having a hit or miss on carbonation of beers. All kegs have been placed in a fridge to get to serving temp. I hit the idle marker of 45º to use the QuickCarb for optimal carbonation. Now fast forward and I’ve had a 1:1 ratio. Literally had to dump a 5 gallon keg because it WOULD NOT carbonate and I’ve had one perfectly carbonated. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong or what considering the variables of both beers were identical: tempature and time left on the QuickCarb.

Besides the above, I may have another beer lost in the same fate of being dumped… Is there anything anyone can think of to save my beer? Currently I did place it on a CO2 tank at about 15 PSI to see if I can help finish off the carbonation within the week…

I’ll withhold my opinion of devices like this as it would only add insult to your current injury.

Having said that, why would you have to dump a keg that was taking time carbonating? Let it sit on gas until it’s ready!

My method when in a rush to serve:

Set gas to 25psi, place the keg on it’s side and rock it back and forth for a few minutes then place in the fridge for 24-48 hours, turn off the gas, burp the keg to release pressure, replace gas line and set to serving pressure.


Try just hooking the gas up normally and set it to about 12lbs then forget it for a couple of weeks. There is really no reason you should have to dump a keg because it was under or over carbonated.

Ask us before dumping one. We will try to help.

I’m not familiar with the Blichmann QuickCarb but it sure sounds like a great idea.


Set it and forget it, no reason to dump any kegs! Not sure what the Blichmann thing is but I’m sure it wasn’t cheap.


Dump a beer because it won’t quick carbonate am I missing something. I’d dump the quick carb device and save the beer


I have pretty good results by placing the keg in the fridge or keezer and charging it with 30 psi then shut the gas off to it. Every 12 to 24 hours hit it with another 30 psi. Each time you charge it start out with your regulator at your desired serving pressure and crank it up. As the beer absorbs the gas it willl drop the pressure. By shutting the gas off each time your risk of overcarbing is reduced. Especially if you forget you left it high. After the first day or two I pour a sample to see if I need to give it another charge. When it’s right just turn the gas on to serving pressure. Another advantage to the initial high psi is sealing the keg lid.

So I bought the QuickCarb because it does work well, did work 3 out of the 4 times I did use it. (Has to rethink all the times used). The one keg I dumped was because I needed it, before I had ordered more.

This time around I really don’t need to QuickCarb, as my event is a month away, but I had used it on two beers and it worked on one but not the other (very well). That second one I’m trying to save (hints why I asked). I will try

Been watching the video nice gizmo. Give it time. Before toss it out. Me do 3 days forced carb at 20 psi. Than lower it to serving pressure. Let it stand for 10 days. And ready to drink. Seems to work

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