QUICK...Yeast Question

I am brewing a small batch right now.

The directions for the batch say to “add HALF of the yeast packet”. Cut open and pour HALF into the wort.

The directions on the back of the yeast packet shows to rehydrate before use.

Which do I follow???


You normally can pitch it dry with no issues. What size are you brewing. Half a packet seems right for a 1 gallon, for 5 you would normally pitch the whole thing. I personally have tried both pitching and rehyrdrating, I can’t say I saw much difference in performance. By hydrating it is supposed to stress the yeast less and get them going a little faster.

I am just doing a 1Gal batch of WH Honey Ale. My 5Gal Caribou Slobber came out with mixed results so I wanted to make sure I was following the correct directions for my WH Honey Ale.


One thing to remember is that directions for these beers are developed for very novice brewers and are intended to be as simplistic as possible to make decent beer. If they gave in depth, advanced skill directions it may lead people away from brewing. Don’t forget NB, although great people, are in this for $$.

If it were me, I would rehydrate. Its an easy thing to do and proves to be beneficial.