Quick way to determine what make a post is?

I didn’t realize there were different types of kegs when I started kegging (I have 1 Firestone and 2 Cornelious) and mixed my posts and poppets all up. I’m looking at photos online to figure out which is which and the poppets are easy (dimpled is Corny), but the post itself is harder. My best guess is that my two posts that have “Cleveland Ohio” stamped on them are for the Firestone. Any input or quick look hints? Thanks!

Edit: I also have one liquid out post that I can’t put either of my two liquid disconnects (barbed) on. I thought they were universal in that regards…

So you have the gas and liquid posts off? I know that liquid disconnects will have a hard time fitting on the gas post.


Good link there, ipa…Bookmarked!

That is a great link, thanks for posting. Anyone have any tips for looking at a post and knowing if it is for a Corny or Firestone?

They are different thread size. Match them to the keg, then match the poppets to the post.

Or replace the poppets with the universal ones.

Uh…What do you mean by post? Did you look at the site in the link? The one that shows pictures and what type everything is.

The OP can not put the Cornelius ball lock post on the Firestone ball lock kegs. The threads will not allow it to happen.

Cornelius ball kegs will interchange with Cornelius pin kegs. Firestone ball kegs will only exchange with Firestone pin kegs, on the gas side only.

As for the poppets, look at the same site to match them to the kegs/posts.

Unless I’m missing something, this should not be to difficult.

Firestone V Challenger, Firestone VI Challenger, Firestone Super Challenger
Gas 9/16"-18
Liquid 5/8" -18

Cornelius Spartan & Super Champion
Gas 19/32" - 18
Liquid 19/32" - 18

Cornelius R (pin lock)
Gas 19/32" - 18 (2-pin)
Liquid 19/32" - 18 (3-pin)

John Wood 85, Firestone Challenger
Gas 11/16" - 18
Liquid 3/4" - 18

Firestone A, Firestone R, John Wood RA, John Wood RC (pin lock)
Gas 9/16" - 18 (2-pin)
Liquid 9/16" - 18 (3-pin)

sigh Yup, that’s right and pretty simple to figure out. Thanks for dealing with my slowness… :oops: