Quick Fermentation

I’ll explain my setup before I get to the question. I have a 1 gallon jug inside of a cooler for fermentation (I live in FL and its HOT). I’ve been using ice and frozen bottles to get the temp in the correct range. The airlock doesnt fit with the cooler top closed, so I’m using blowoff tubing that goes from the top of the jug to a glass of sanitized water.

I started fermenting Caribou Slobber a day and a half ago. The cooler temp started out around 75, but I got it down to 70 fairly quickly. There was a pretty rigorous fermentation in the first day and my blowoff tubing came out of the glass of water for around 12 hours. I’ve read that as long as active fermentation is taking place, its not a big deal. I now have the tube attached to the glass in a way that it wont come out anymore. I’m assuming that the high temp in the cooler lead to a very quick fermentation or my blowoff tubing coming out of the water had some kind of effect? Now two days into fermentation, there are little to no bubbles coming out of the blowoff tube.

Last night before bed I added a jug of ice to the cooler. When I got up this morning the cooler temp was 60. So it went from 70 down to 60 overnight. Did I shock the yeast into working extremely slow?

P.S. - I’m working on temp control haha

If you are using the Nottingham yeast then a couple day seems to be common. Just make sure you leave it be for at least two weeks or three is even better. The blow off tube coming out is no big deal. You will be fine. Patience is a virtue!


One gallon of wort will ferment very quickly, especially at 70*. In addition, if you pitched the entire yeast packet you over pitched which will speed the process. I would try low to mid 60’s for ales.

I only pitched half of the yeast packet.

I’m not going to touch it and let it ferment for at least two weeks.

I just brewed and added a black IPA to the cooler. I have the temp pretty steady in the mid-60s.

Thanks for the responses.