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Quick DME and yeast nutrient question

Does DME lose fermentability over time/expire (say 1+years)? same goes for the Wyeast nutrient (does it expire). I only use the DME for yeast starters. never really had a problem hitting my target OG with old DME, just curious.

I’m seeing 2 questions.

I doubt that the molecular make up changes that yeast are unable to convert the DME to alcohol.

I believe most of the nutrients are more like chemicals rather than spices. I don’t think there is an issue with age. Unlike old spices that loose their potency.

OG is dependent on sugar content. The sugar would have to disappear for you to see an issue with OG’s. If you use the same amounts of DME from a fresh batch and a 3 year old batch, you should have the same OG. With in variation dependent on your ability to measure precisely.

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