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Quick CO2 Question

I’m new to kegging, and I just got my brand new 5# CO2 tank filled today! My question is, how many batches can you normally get from 5# of CO2? I’m just curious as to how long this fill is going to last me since the nearest place to fill it up is annoyingly far away (not too far, but just far enough to be annoying).

Carbonate and serve, 5-7 kegs (I think that what the shop said). Dispense 15-22 according to → ... id-89.html

Look into either another tank or some 9-20oz paint ball tanks for backup use.

Along with welding shops, check for a fire extinguisher shop near your home/work for refills.

Not sure about IL, but here in Ca in my city, its $17 to fill a 5# and $20 to fill a 20#, doesn’t take too many fills to figure out its a lot more economical to have a 20# tank, and it will pay for itself in the first fill if you score it cheap enough off c-list. Of course it depends on your volume as well. I love the paintball tank thing too. Cheapest place to get “the adapter” right now is Rebel Brewer i think, $15 to your door?

Assuming no losses, you should be able to carb and serve about 15-25 5 gal kegs, depending on carbonation/serving pressure.

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