Quick carb

Any one have been using this. Blichman quick carb device. Been looking at it. But my question. Dont think i can use this on my sankey kegs.

There is a Sanke adapter for $35 QuickCarb™ Home Brewing Carbonation System | Beer Carbonator So you are talking over $200

I would love to see one of these. I think you might be able to make one. Using a pump you already have could make it much less expensive.

Do have spare pump. Indeed i could. Gizmo this. To a quik carb. Pump. Did look at the. Sankey adaptor kit. The way it looks. Got the parts. Lying around. Other wise. Spent a 200 dollar.

The problem with quick carbonation anyway you do it is yes you can get a taste but the beer will collapse before your done with your pint. If you need to carbonate your beer in an hour your probably not brewing enough


Me was looking at this system. Sounds intrested

The idea was i could be wrong. If i force carb in one hour. And use the carb chart what comes with it. I could safe some co2. On the end. Now i force carb at 20 psi for. 3 days. Than purge bit co2 and set to serving pressure. This system works. For me. O yeah you can never have enough. Beer

Think about a fully carbed beer. Even if it doesn’t keep a head on it the whole pint down there are bubbles constantly floating to the top and it will foam a little with each sip, right? That’s a fully carbonated beer. No way a beer is fully carbonated within an hour. I just don’t believe it’s possible. It may have head when you pour it but to @brew_cat’s point it won’t be fully hydrolyzed and the beer will go flat quickly. You’ll get it to the level of carbonation that your current process does but it’s still not fully carbed for a week or two right?

IMHO regardless how long it takes to get the beer well carbed you’ll have to use the same amount of gas. I could be wrong and I can’t quote the science but that just seems logical to me.

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I think the shake and purge method uses more gas. You can hurry it along with the 20/15/10 method but it still won’t be stable without giving it some time. I set mine at 15 and drink short glasses after 3 or 4 days to monitor it. After a week I’ll start lowering it. Once it’s stable 8 or 10 psi to serve


This is my little system. I use. I force carb at 20 psi. For 3 days after that. Set co2 to serving pressure. Will not use the keg for 7 to 12 days. To get a nice carb beer


Purging is of course the wild card with regard to gas usage.

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Just kegged 10 gallons yesterday in a ten gallon cornie. Drained the conical into it quietly, added diluted sugar, gave it some CO2 to seat the lid and burped it a couple times to get any air out. In a week I will attach my spunding valve the check the pressure and release some if it’s too high. In two weeks it should be ready without refrigeration or using up my CO2. Maybe it’s just me but the carbonation seems better this way.

In the past I have found ways to quickly carb but it rarely seemed to work as well as priming or set it and forget it. I must say that the quick carb does look like a cool brew toy though.

Here is my thought on building one. Already have a pump as a lot of us do that could be used for another task. Some kind of pipe, stainless would be nice, to make into a T, a carbonation stone, a fish tank aerator might even work, tubing and fittings for all if this. I’d bet if you scrounged around you could put one together for under $50 if you have the pump.

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Me been playing with the idea. To make one my self. Only got to find a carbonation stone. The other part. I might get at the local. Metal store