Questions regarding Danstar CBC-1

I saw this yeast mentioned in the Cold Crash Short Pour. I am curious if adding this yeast might allow some flexibility in bottle conditioning temperature. I don’t keep my house that warm, so I usually have to put my newly bottled beers in a small room with a small electric heater to keep the temperature above 70 degrees. Could I effectively bottle condition my beer at 65 degrees with this yeast added to the bottling bucket? Also, I assume proper rehydration procedures are needed for this dry yeast as well, right? Thank you.

I bottle condition in the low 60s with ale yeast all the time. It takes a little longer (think 2-3 weeks minimum), but still carbs up.

From what I can gather that yeast will ferment in the 59-77°F range. Pretty wide range. It sounds more like a yeast to condition high alcohol beers though.

I would just bottle as usual and wait longer or warm it up. It’s getting to be spring anyway! We did have a frost warning here last night to prove it.

Rehydration wise, I don’t do it but seem to be in the minority here.

Thanks, guys. I always wondered if the beer would condition just the same at a lower temperature but just take longer. I’ll give it 3 weeks at 65. It is finally warming up here too.