Questions Re: 2nd year hops

I have 2nd year Centennial and Cascades coming back full force. I have a Cascade that is already over 7 feet tall. It is a beast.

My question is, moving forward, should I look to “thin” out the crown next year? If so, should that be done in the fall when I am finished letting the leaves feed the crown or in the spring, early, before new shoots come up? Both the Cascade and Centennial (which is also pushing 6 feet) had shoots coming up about a foot away from the main part of the crown.

There were about 25+ shoots coming up from each crown. I trimmed back all but 5 or 6, sending 2 or 3 up each string. On one crown, I have a total of 5 bines. Is that too much? Should I have trimmed back more?

From what I’ve read, you should only send the strongest 2 - 3 vines up from each crown. I just planed my first year hops so they have just broken ground, not long enough to send up a string just yet.

I personally do 6-10 per crown, 3 lines per crown, each with 2-3 bines. I got a fair amount of hops last year, so don’t intend to change my MO. This means I’m cutting off more than half the bines coming off each crown. I also tend to cut off the first few bines, choosing some of the later, stouter bines to climb. I’ve heard the early ones get a little wonky and leggy.