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Questions on Apricot Blonde Ale

I’m planning to brew the Dry Dock Apricot Blonde Ale this weekend. I’ve read some reviews that suggest adding lesser amounts of the puree as well as the extract. Here are my specific questions:

  • Any recommendations on amount of puree to add (it’s in a 32 oz can)?

  • The kit says to add the puree after 2-3 days in primary. I plan to rack to secondary and was planning to add it then. Is this okay?

  • Any recommendations on how much of the extract to add at kegging? There are 4 oz in kit.

I’m trying to to go for a subtle apricot flavor, not overpowering.


Hopefully this isn’t too boring of an answer, BUT…

I have brewed this very kit 3 times. once 2 summers ago and twice last year. I have to say each time I followed the directions basically to the letter and in my opinion it turned out great each time.

So while unfortunately I can’t help much by saying one time I only used 2/3rds of the puree, or I tried 2 oz of extract once, I can say I think the recipe as is, is a very good one.

I do not think it is over powering at all.

so sorry not much help except again I like the kit as described.

All feedback is helpful and appreciated. Thanks much!

I have a ton of homegrown blueberries - and I’m considering making the Apricot Blonde Ale and adding 4 or 5 lbs of crushed blueberries to this recipe. Am I crazy?

This the first beer that I have ever had to dump. I ended up following the recipe to a t with the exception of adding about half of the puree. It had a bitterness that never subsided (after 5 weeks in the keg). Personally, I would not brew this kit again.

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