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Questions about brewing a hefeweizen ale

Which dry yeast and liquid yeast produce the best clove flavor and banana flavor when brewing a hefeweizen ale? Does anyone have a whole grain recipe for hefeweizen ale that they can recommend?

I’m a big fan of wyeast 3638 it’s a great yeast hold temps at 64 through out fermentation nice balance of clove/banana that’s not over whelming.

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I’ve used Munich Wheat dry yeast and Wyeast 3068 liquid yeast. Preferred liquid yeast but haven’t compared 3068 to 3638.

See my other thread below for my comparison of 3638 and WB-06. In a a nutshell, I think I’m going to like 3638, but not WB-06. I just bottled it a few days ago so I won’t have final results for about another week.

In the past, I know I enjoyed WLP380 multiple times, while 3056 was terrible. Thought I’d try something different this time.


I have read “Munich Classic” produces a good hefeweizen. Can’t verify that for myself. Apparently Munich wheat and munich classic are two different beasts.

I have heard that. I have not, however, ever seen “Munich Classic” sold. Not sure where to get it.

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