Hey all I have a question…Can I use two Johnson Analog temp controllers to control both cold and warm in a small freezer? I know the new digitals can do it but i,m on a budget and tryin to work with whats here…Thanks…Tank :cheers:

I have “heard” you can.

You might be able to. A problem that could occur though, if both are on at the same time. The heating controller might try to warm the cooling device, while the cooling controller is trying to cool the heating device. This could occur when night time temperatures are cold and day time temperatures are getting warm. You may need to manually monitor the temperature and decide whether heating or cooling is necessary. All winter you may be heating. All summer you may be cooling.

Easy to overcome, you just have to make sure there is a gap in the setting. So if you want to hold at 62F, set the heating one to hold at 61F, and set the cooling one to hold at 63F. The obvious downside is it there is a wider control gap than you would get with a single duel controller.

Or you can place the fridge in a warm space in your house to ensure it will only need to cool. I essentially do this, by having my fermentation box in an outside shed. At least 9 months of the year, it is guaranteed to be colder than whatever temp I’m trying to maintain. And I take a couple months off from brewing in the summer anyway.

FWIW, if anyone needs a new controller, check out the Auber TD-100. Around $80 for a dual stage digital with way more features than the Ranco. I love mine.