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Is there any way to get extract kits closer to the correct color of the beer? Brewed the hef and it is really good. Just a bit darker than I have seen that style. Would like to have it more closely match the color. I just ordered the Breakwater Pale Ale and would like it to be lighter in color like it’s supposed to be. Thanks.

Add most of the extract later in the boil so it has less time to caramelize. :cheers:

Do a full-volume boil.

Well, technically, it doesn’t caramelize, but it does darken due to Maillard reactions.

As I understand it, you have a choice between letting the extract go for the full boil, in which case it will be a bit dark (which you might be able to correct by reducing some of the other grains that add color), or adding it late, in which case the wort will be more bitter (which you could correct by reducing some of the hops). Also I believe dry malt extract reduces this problem.

Turn off the heat as you add the extract so the big blob doesn’t burn on the bottom.
And as everyone else said, increase volume, and/or add late.

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