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My wife really likes Corona Light. She wants me to brew something close to it. I am just doing extracts and partial mashes. Is there kit out there that tastes or is somewhat similar? Thanks.

Corona Light is a light lager, and in order to recreate that, you’ll need the ability to control fermentation temperature at a fairly low level to properly lager the batch. If you do have the means to control temp, any of the lighter bodied lagers such as the American Lager extract kit or the Czech Pilsner extract kit are going to be along the lines of something like Corona to the casual drinker. I’ve never brewed a lager, so someone else can jump in with specific recommendations for a good lager kit. If you don’t have temperature control, some of the really light-bodied ales like Blondes or Kolsches might be your best bet.

Another suggestion would be to check out NB’s Cream ale(or other recipes).
Cream ales are about as close to a light American lager as you can get without going through the lagering steps.

Try the kolsch recipe. I brewed it before and all my light lager buddies loved it.

There’s also the 20 minute boil Kolsch kit: ... l-kit.html

Kolsch is a good beer, but it doesn’t taste like Corona, as it has a hint of a pear or white wine flavor to it from the yeast. The cream ale kit is probably about the closest you can get without lager-temperature control.
Put a slice of lime in the glass when you give it to her, and she may not be able to tell the difference.

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