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Question on Yeast

So I am preparing to start a couple 1 gallon batches of mead this weekend, but I don’t have any yeast. I was going to order some from NB, but I want a yeast that has a fairly low alcohol tolerance so that the yeast will die off before all the sugars are used up and I don’t have to re-sweeten and worry about the yeast starting up again (don’t feel like using chemicals to just make sure the yeast is dead).

I found that at the moment, NB has a fairly small selection of mead yeasts and none of them have a low enough alcohol tolerance. So now I am thinking I will just go to my local wine store and see what yeasts they have, but are there some wine yeasts that I wouldn’t want to use for mead? What are some good yeasts that they might carry for me to use?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Personally, I like to use dry. Lalvin 71B-1122 and ICV D-47 are two good choices. Cote des Blancs also works very well. Keep temps as cool as possible and do your nutrient feedings.

Thank you for the reply.

Okay, I will try to find one of those. Does keeping the brew cooler help stop the fermentation earlier? I mean I always keep both primary and secondary between 60-75 F.

Both the 71B-1122 and the D-47 have alcohol tolerance of 14% ABV. The Cote des Blancs tops out at 12-14%. But remember that these yeasts need proper nutrients to get to that mark reliably in a mead.

A low alcohol tolerance ale yeast might work.

Hitting the desired ABV can be tricky. Using D-47, I just had a cyser go to 16% ABV. It’s dryer than I had planned.

What temperature did you ferment at? I’ve never had D-47 go above 14%, though I’ve had it stop short with low fermentation temperatures or with a low-nutrient must.

It was at 60 for the whole fermentation. I’ve had a couple of other cysers go above the bounds of the yeast. Maybe the apple juice is a great medium for fermentation.

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