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Question on sparge volume and SG

Speckled Heifer is on day 4 in the fermentor. Camera refuses to show how light the color of the beer actually is.

The partial mash recipe contains 3.0 pounds of grain. I mashed with 1.25 gallons of water. A ratio of 1.66 quarts per pound of grains. Mash run off had an SG of 1.066. Volume collected was 3.5 quarts.

I dunk sparged with 0.5 gallons of water. SG was 1.033. Volume collected was 3 quarts after squeezing the bag.

Did I error here with the amount of sparge water. Should I have done a second dunk sparge to get closer to a SG of 1.010? A refractometer would have been handy here. Took too long for the samples to cool for checking with the hydrometer.

The OG in the fermentor after topping off and massive aeration was 1.046. Four points over the estimated recipe OG.

I just sparge for my preboil volume. I never get as low as 1.010. Are we leaving sugar in the grain? Sure I suppose so but since I’m always a few points over predicted OG I’m fine with that.

Traditional sparge calls for .5gal/lb of grain. So you should of used 1.25-1.5gal. But sounds like it worked out for you,

I dunk sparge up to my preboil volume. I dunk sparge by heating water to 170ish in a separate pot and then putting the grain bag into that pot, mixing the entire bag up with the sparge water and then squeezing until I’m satisfied. Usually get around 75-80 % efficiency with single crush corona mill

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