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Question on kegerator lines through wall

I am trying to think of a way to run beer lines out of my kegerator (a freezer conversion) through a wall and keep the beer cold. The kegerator is in an unfinished area of the basement behind the bar wall. I don’t want to walk around the bar every time I need a beer. I was thinking of building an insulated elbow to run the beer lines in. It would run about 5 feet to the faucet that would be placed into the home wall and would come out of the hole I placed in the kegerator for the draft tower. I also thought about just wrapping pipe insulation around the beer lines but don’t know if that would work.

Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.

Find as large of a container as you can to fill with RV antifreeze to fit in the freezer. Use a small pond pump to circulate this through tubing that is wrapped around your beverage lines. Wrap all this in insulation or contain it inside some PVC piping.

I was originally going to put my taps through a wall in our basement, but decided to make something less permanent since we will likely be moving in a couple years. I thought about it for a while, and this is the route I would have taken. Its a combination of a couple options I saw while searching for possibilities. sorry for the poor drawing. The view is kind of like you’re looking through the wall your taps would be installed on. I would have cut/rearranged studs in the wall to install the plenum flat against the drywall (in my case, paneling).

This is a pic from another forum. I thought it would be better to circulate air through the plenum, hence the loop in my drawing, rather than only one line to blow air in.

here is what I did instead of going through the wall.
Chalkboard paint and collar

Thanks for the replies. I really don’t like the idea of running anti freeze through the area but I could do water in the line. It seems a little more involved than what I was thinking. Pumping the cold air from the freezer might be a viable option.

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