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Question grains

Can you store grains in a cooler. So it stays fresh. And you dont get aninals in your grain. Reason want place a large grain order. True the BREWERY. He is gonna order grains in europe. Can use a food container cooler from a friend to store. My graibs

Cool grain pulled out and put back into the cooler would cause mold to form… Just a dark, dry, vermin proof box/container would be best… I’ve never put mine in a cooler and I’ve never heard of that before too… Sneezles61

It’s still just a box with a tightly fitted lid. It should work, but I can see the concern with moisture if the inside of the box is cool, and you open it while the surrounding air is warm and humid. I use a box sold for pet food storage. Essentially giant Tupperware the key is there is no insulation. But you should be able to make it work, as long as you keep condensation prevention in mind.

I have other non-beer ingredients that I buy in bulk, vacuum seal and freeze. I usually pull the bags out of the freezer and let them come to room temp before I open them. No condensation problems.

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I thought he was talking about walk in cooler.

Cool thanks for the info. Should be till jan untill the grain shipment. Comes in. Did order. 125 lbs. Pale ale malt. Maris otter. Caramel malt 2 row malt. And pilsner. Each bag 25 lbs. Till so far i use grains from brewery. But can tell he is not happy me using his grains. Every week. So to avoid issues order my own grains

Yes i did a cooler at a restaurant. Just leave the grains there and pick up what i do need for brewing day

If I remember Bonaire has a desert climate. I think that the low humidity would be better outside the cooler. Coolers tend to be humid.

Indeed super hot here. And low humidity. Avarage temp around 85 till 110. Makes fermenting intresting. But. Kveik yeast and hotale yeast helps lot

I use the big vittle vault pet food containers. They’re pretty cheap, have screw on lids and fit a full sack of grain.

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Leave the grain outside ferment in the walk in. Alot easier to warm your fermenter than cool it. Or you can brew lagers.

Cheap easy and effective way to store your grains @wilcolandzaat is 5gal food safe buckets with a lid at room temp.

I’ve bought a few food safe buckets and the big vittle vault turned out cheaper than 2 5 gal buckets to hold the same amount of grain. A 5 gal bucket will hold 22 lbs of grain.

If you’re an amazon prime member this is about the most cost effective grain storage you’re going to find.

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^^^ This. Vittles vaults are awesome for storing grain. I have three of them.

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This is the way to go to store my grains

Which size vittles vault are you using 50 or 60? I just bought a 55lb sack and going to need something to store it in. I like the shape of the 50 but how much grain will it actually hold? The 60 is nice because you can stack and still open but I don’t know if I’ll ever need another large storage container. Maybe something smaller.

Me got the 60 lbs vault. Holds easy 55lbs bags. Only pain. Transfer from bag to. Vault. Hole kind of small. So you got to skoop it in. With put spilling.

The price has doubled since @dannyboy58 's link. I was interested at $16.65

I have 50s and they’ll hold a full sack of grain.

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I use those black bins with the yellow tops. I don’t empty the grains from the bag just roll the bag shut and put the whole sack in .

They are on dollies and can be rolled around the brewery and the top is flat . A sack and some bags of specialty grains. After using some you can get a couple sacks in. Smaller amounts just go in buckets. Think I paid $15 in Job Lot. The dollies were cheap at harbor freight. The buckets where free. $35 and shipping is just assume buy some grain


I get 12.5 gallon plastic buckets with a screw on lid… They work great… Hold a full bag and some room for a scoop… Sneezles61

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