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Question for Hop-Standers

Who is utilizing post-flameout hopstands at multiple temps, vs single temp addition? Any anecdotal experience for merit of multiple temp stands on flavor/aroma (ie immediate post-flameout, plus additional hopping at subisomerization temps <180)?

I see the Pliny and Heady recipe kits here at NB have all hops added post-flameout.

I’m doing a DIPA with hopshots for bittering, then 2 oz each of CTZ/Simcoe/Cent/Cascade in the kettle (not including dry hops). I’m leaning toward adding the CTZ at 15 min, then the rest of the hops at flameout.

I’m wondering if a vegetal taste I got from my last batch could have been from extended hopstand (60 min) with pellet hops. So I am thinking of cutting that hopstand time down to 20 min.


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