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Question for Hop Growers - Pests?

The house we bought has a pretty cool pergola on the patio, and we were thinking of dressing it up. I’ve heard growing grapes attracts more bees than most people care for, but would hops attract lots of bugs (aphids, other grubby little grubbers)? The last thing I need is for insect carcasses (or live insects) falling into the centerpiece dish of my wife’s dinner parties. 8)

I’m not overly hopeful about getting useable hops for brewing out of this, though maybe a once-a-year fresh hop/hopbursted ale.

I’m in southern Minnesota and planted hops last year, had no bugs that year but we do have problems with the dreaded Japanese beetles that love many types of green leaves. from what I can tell every year is different and last year might of been an off year.

I grow hops and don’t have problems with bugs. Mine aren’t growing over the dinner table though. And as far as using them I dry my cascade and use them for dry hopping . I only had one plant last year and got enough hops to put in about ten batches. Sometimes I only use an ounce sometimes a 1/2 they have a very strong aroma. This year I expect to have more. The harvest was easy. I had an octoberfest party and my guests had fun picking them for me.

Oh yes,the butterflies liked them.

Oh, the aphids try to kick my butt but a little tobacco spray goes a long way. Last year the big problem were Yellow Jackets, baccr’ spray doesnt do anything there.
By your 3rd year you’ll have so any lady bugs, aphids wont be much of a problem

right thats more what I was concerned about, yellow jackets invading bbq’s/dinners.

Plant them in a couple of pots if they bother your dinner guest you could move them. The guests or the pots. I’ll say one thing beer tastes very good sitting under a hops arbor. As far as bugs that’s why they invented steins with lids.

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